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School Orchestra

GHMS Orchestra will offer a free holiday concert and recital on Friday, December 3rd!  The concert begins at 6:30 in the GHMS Auditorium.  Students should arrive at 5:30.

Glassford Hill Middle School students can join Orchestra as an in-school program this year! Students learn to play the violin, viola, or cello in a group setting. 

No knowledge of music or the instrument is needed to join in the first semester. Experienced players are welcome in the first and/or second semester. Students will first learn to play their instruments by ear, with music reading and theory added as skill is built. The orchestra will have in-school and after-school performances throughout the school year.

Orchestra schedule:  Daily, 7th period

Orchestra start date:  Fall 2021

Location:  GHMS Band Room

For more information or to register:  See the school office

Life Skills Gained by Playing a Stringed Instrument:

In addition to the artistic benefits of creating music, playing a musical instrument helps develop important skills that make your child a better student and a more capable, happy adult:

- Focus and concentration

- Memorization skills

- Active listening skills

- Independent learning and problem solving

- Cognitive development for language, reading, math and other areas

- Mental agility and dual-task performance

- Coordination and crossing the body's midline with different left/right side action

- Confidence standing and presenting in front of a group

- Cooperative, polite group participation and other prosocial skills

- Insight that a little practice makes a big difference over time

- Constructive handling of mistakes

- Understanding that practice changes "I can't" to "I can!"

- Persistence to work and accomplish a longer-term goal

- Self-Confidence, self-esteem and resilience

- Self-Discipline

- Ability to relax, de-stress, and express feelings through music

- Artistic development and love of beauty in art

- Knowledge of music theory, note reading, rhythm and beat

- Knowledge of cultural heritage

- Sense of community and contribution to others