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Reading Counts Update


Scholastic Reading Counts (SRC!) is an independent reading management program that helps to encourage and assess independent reading. This program fosters an environment in which students practice reading, develop a love for books, and are held accountable for what they read. SRC! also makes it easy to recommend books that match the students' interests and reading levels so that they can succeed. The core of SRC! is the student program - books and quizzes. SRC! includes quizzes for thousands of best-loved books that verify your students' completion and comprehension of the books they read.  

GHMS Expectations  
Students are expected to read books 100 points of their reading lexile. It is very important that your student reads at home for 30 minutes each and and every night.

We want to see our students be successful at GHMS and are asking for your support. Please encourage your student to read each and every night.

  After completely reading the book, students take a 10 question quiz on the computer. Each quiz is designed to test the students reading comprehension over the chosen book, which is why finishing the book before taking a quiz is important. A passing score of 8 or more correct answers, awards the entire point value of the book to the student. A score of 7 or lower is not passing, and no points will be given. Students may read the book again and retry the quiz for points. After failing a quiz three times, the book is locked for the individual student and no points will be awarded. Each quarter, students have a point goal which must be met in order to receive full credit for their Reading Counts grade.  

Quarterly Goal by Grade Level:
7th Grade            35 points
7th Grade Honors 40 points
8th Grade            40 points
8th Grade Honors 45 points  

If you have a question regarding the progress of your student in this endeavor, please contact me.